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Merge1File by

Current version

Merge1File latest version is and a .Net 4.x release can also be downloaded.

Main feature overview

Merge1File is a program to merge several (unicode) text files in a folder to one resulting file. Merge1File copies the first file completely and drops a specified number of header lines from the consecutive files.
Other features:
  • Merge1File requires no installation and configuration
  • Standard Unicode based data files can be processed
  • Works with UNC paths (\\<server name>\<share name>)
  • Use of wildcards (* and ?) are possible

Usage of Merge1File merging two w3c logfiles to one unicode file dropping all the headers from the consecutive files. View full HD (1080p)
Merge1File version is free.



The first version of Merge1File was designed to quickly merge w3c compatible WebHalla visitor logs. Later versions were rebuild to support the disk status reporting of PC's and notebooks in a corporate worldwide network using Used-DiskSpace. The Merge1File program can be used on the command prompt or in a scheduled batch file.
Merge1File is now optimised for data analysis as it supports unicode input and output data files as well as parameters.


The program Merge1File is very easy to use, but very flexible. The small program runs quickly and the source folder can be on a local disk or network share on a file server. File selections can be made using wildcards. The header lines option can be used to change the number of header lines that should be dropped from consecutive files (default is one).


The program Merge1File is licensed according to the EULA in the download. Read the EULA carefully before using the program. A recent copy can be downloaded here


The program Merge1File now has three case insensitive parameters.
  • /Source or short /S
  • /Destination or short /D
  • /Header or short /H

Getting Quick help on Merge1File

By starting Merge1File without any parameters or with an error in the parameters, Merge1File will show its options and a simple example:
Merge1File help screen
Merge1File help screen
When pressing the "w" or "W" key, this page on the internet will be opened in your default browser. Any other key will terminate the program so you can enter the correct parameters.

Using Merge1File with the Source and Destination option

When running Merge1File with the /Source or /S option and /Destination or /D option, a folder path for the source files, and a file name must be provided to store the unicode data. The source path can use either a fixed drive, a mapped drive ("G:\PublicFiles") or an UNC path (\\nlaalfs1\PublicFiles) and the filename may contain wildcards (*.log).
The destination file will be created or overwritten with unicode data. The destination file may be on a fixed disk, mapped drive or UNC path.
Default the program will drop one header line from the consecutive files. This is the same as using /H 1

Using Merge1File with the Header lines option

When a source path and destination file is specified, the number of header lines that must be dropped from the consecutive files can be specified using the parameter /Header or /H


  1. Simply run the program in a command prompt window to see the Quick help documentation.
    Starting the program from a hard disk:
  2. Merge all the text files in the "Logs" folder on a network disk to the local disk file "Result.txt" and dropping two header lines from the consecutive files:
    C:\Merge1File /Source G:\logs\*.txt /D Result.txt /Header 2
    The source, destination and header option can also be used in upper case, lower case or you can even use the first letter. For example the following options are equal: /Source, /source, /SOURCE, /S and /s.
  3. Whether in a batch or directly, the program Merge1File can also be scheduled. When using the tool DateFormat, a destination file containing the current date can be created. Using a date in the destination file, a monthly, quarterly and yearly overview can be created. The following example reads the American text files from the source UNC path \\nlaalfs1\PublicFiles$\ (hidden folder) and writes it out to the current folder using a file name with the current date in ISO 8601 standard YYYYMMDD format.
    For /f %%i In ('DateFormat "YYYYMMDD"') Do (Set OutputDate=%%i)
    C:\batch\Merge1File /D %OutputDate%_USA.txt /S \\nlaalfs1\PublicFiles$\USA*.txt
    Merge1File uses the default header lines value and will drop the first line of every consecutive files.

Previous Releases

The following table shows you the history of the Merge1File project.
Version Features
1.2 Added support for parameter usage to specify the source, destination and number of header lines to be dropped. Can now be used with the 1.2 version of Used-DiskSpace
Programmed in Microsoft Visual c#.
1.1 Conversion to unicode because of international character sets.
Programmed in Microsoft Visual c#.
1.0 Designed to merge w3c compatible WebHalla visitor logs with hard coded file paths and header lines
Programmed in Microsoft Visual c#.


Download, unzip and copy the program Merge1File anywhere you want on the disk.

System requirements

Merge1File is designed for the .NET platform with Microsoft C#. Therefore the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is required.
Windows VersionRuns .Net 2.0Tested
Windows XPYesNo
Windows VistaYesNo
Windows 7YesYes
Windows 8.1YesNo
Windows 10YesYes
Windows Server 2008 SP2YesNo
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1YesYes
Windows Server 2012YesNo
Windows Server 2012 R2YesNo
Windows Server 2016YesYes
Now a .Net 4.x version is available for machines that default do not include .Net 2.0 (Windows server 2012, 2012 r2 and 2016). It is also available from the download page.

Support matrix will only support the latest version of free software.


Upon clicking the "Start download process" button, you get to another web page where you have to agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA) before you can download the program Merge1File.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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