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Purpose of the website of Johan van Soest

This web site has since 1995 is the very early days of the World Wide Web the purpose of:

[*] Communication with site visitors that share the same hobbies or have the same profession.

[*] Present a full site in Dutch on the internet. When I started a lot of the sites were only available in English. This site is also available in Dutch. Select your language here.

[*] Show what is possible with the Internet technology in several browsers with the same content. Special attention is for:

[*] When surfing with a text oriented browser (Lynx) I noticed early on that a lot of commercial sites, including banks, do not seem to care about visual hindered people that can only access their sites in character mode with speech synthesizers. I always thought of the World Wide Web as an information highway for all. Nowadays I'm glad that there are rules on how to make a site accessible trough often very simple and small changes.

[*] This new site, created with WebHalla™ , is designed with cross browser use in mind. There are no different versions for frameless and Java™ enabled browsers. Java™ is completely removed from the site just to stop the version mismatch problems of the network admins and the increasingly slower loading of the new Java Virtual machines (JVM). This site uses WebHalla™ to generate webpages. Where possible client side JavaScript/EcmaScript libraries are reused, thus limiting the roundtrips and delays during the use of the site. This also increases the manageability of the website. Frames are replaced by a scaling table design that is contained in a default page. This design always scales to your browsers current size. This leaves no empty space on the right side of large screens

[*] This site uses Cascading Style Sheets(CSS). The default font is Arial. This font can be resized with the browser menu option "Text Size".

[*] The previous version of this site was written with the dynamic HTML (dHTML) Document Object Model (DOM) of Microsoft. Another version of the site was designed for the Mozilla family. Thanks to server side scripting (ASP.Net) a single site is now presented with the W3C DOM model.

[*] Within this site graphical elements are constantly reused. This creates a consistence look and feel and because these elements are cached by the browser, this also results in a quicker rendering of the site.

Should you have any questions or another opinion you can click on the postcard icon to react. 


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