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ICT-Hotlist Topic

Do you want to produce a download with all the applications configured in your Citrix XenApp Farm with PowerShell?

Citrix installs the PowerShell extensions default on the XenApp servers so you do not have to download and configure them (see example 2 for a server based Excel version).
Here are the steps to run the Citrix PowerShell snapins on your client PC.

Example 1: PC based

Add-PSSnapin Citrix*
Get-PSSnapin Citrix*
Get-XAApplicationReport * -ComputerName nlaalcit01 | Export-Clixml c:\test\DownloadApps.xml

Example 2: Server Based

Check if registered Citrix Snapins are loaded on the XenApp server:
PS> Get-PSSnapin Citrix* -Registered

Name        : Citrix.Common.Commands
PSVersion   : 2.0
Description : Citrix Common Commands

Name        : Citrix.Common.GroupPolicy
PSVersion   : 2.0
Description : Citrix Group Policy Provider

Name        : Citrix.XenApp.Commands
PSVersion   : 2.0
Description : Citrix XenApp Commands
Ok, the Citrix Snapins are registered. Now you can run the following commands:
PS> Add-PSSnapin Citrix*
PS> Get-XAApplication -ComputerName nlaalcit01 | Export-Csv c:\temp\CitrixApps.csv
This will retrieve the following parameters per application:
AccessSessionConditions CachingOption EncryptionRequired ProfileLocation
AccessSessionConditionsEnabled ClientFolder FolderPath ProfileProgramArguments
AddToClientDesktop ColorDepth HideWhenDisabled ProfileProgramName
AddToClientStartMenu CommandLineExecutable InstanceLimit RunAsLeastPrivilegedUser
AlternateProfiles ConnectionsThroughAccessGatewayAllowed LoadBalancingApplicationCheckEnabled SequenceNumber
AnonymousConnectionsAllowed ContentAddress MachineName SslConnectionEnabled
ApplicationId CpuPriorityLevel MaximizedOnStartup StartMenuFolder
ApplicationType Description MultipleInstancesPerUserAllowed TitleBarHidden
AudioRequired DisplayName OfflineAccessAllowed WaitOnPrinterCreation
AudioType Enabled OtherConnectionsAllowed WindowType
BrowserName EncryptionLevel PreLaunch WorkingDirectory
This generates the following overview when imported in Excel:
Citrix XenApp application parameters exported and shown in Microsoft Excel.
Citrix XenApp application parameters exported and shown in Microsoft Excel.
To get a limited ordered list of application information the next powershell script can be used.
This example runs on a XenApp server, grabs on the application name, description and if the application is available. The CSV file is ordered alphabetically and downloaded to the computer PC0101.
# This PowerShell script must run on a XenApp Server.
# It extracts the Application name, description and if it is enabled. The sorted file is
# downloaded to the computer PC0101 (Change it to your pc!)
# (C)Copyright 2015-2024 by Johan van Soest

Add-PSSnapin Citrix*
Get-PSSnapin Citrix*
Get-XAApplicationReport * |
   Select DisplayName, Description, Enabled |
   Sort DisplayName |
   Export-Csv -Path \\PC0101\c$\test\CitrixApps.csv
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