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ICT-Hotlist Topic

McAfee expects to see the following threat activities in 2015

  • Cyber espionage: Cyber espionage attacks will continue to increase in frequency. Long-term players will become stealthier information gatherers while newcomers will look for ways to steal money and disrupt their adversaries.
  • Internet of Things: Attacks on the Internet of Things devices will increase rapidly due to hypergrowth in the number of connected objects, poor security hygiene, and the high value of data on those devices.
  • Privacy: Data privacy will remain under attack as governments and businesses continue to grapple with what is fair and authorized access to imperfectly defined "personal information".
  • Ransomware: Ransomware will evolve its methods of propagation, encryption, and the targets it seeks. More mobile devices will suffer attacks.
  • Mobile: Mobile attacks will continue to grow rapidly as new mobile technologies expand the attack surface and little is done to stop app store abuse.
  • Point of sale: Point of sale (POS) attacks will remain lucrative, and a significant upturn in consumer adoption of digital payment systems on mobile devices will provide new attack surfaces that cybercriminals will exploit.
  • Malware beyond Windows: Non-Windows malware attacks will explode, fueled by the Shellshock vulnerability.
  • Vulnerabilities: Vulnerabilities will increase as the number of flaws in popular software continues to grow.
  • Escaping the sandbox: Escaping the sandbox will become a significant IT security battlefield.
Read the full English report and see the accompanying statistics here.
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