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Base64 Decoder by

Current version

Base64 Decoder latest version is

Main feature overview

Base64 Decoder is ideal for decoding Base64 e-mail components and attachments and can be used with Spam and antivirus filters such as Maia Mailguard and build on Maia Mailguard such as Aspav. If other programs provide a Base64 text or raw view, Base64 Decoder can be used to convert, preview and save these files. Because Base64 Decoder runs on the desktop, there is no need to upload confidential files to websites or cloud services.
Base64 Decoder has the unique File Type Guessing feature that tries to detect the file type of the decoded file.
Base64 Decoder is free.

Base64 Decoder Main program overview.
Base64 Decoder Main program overview.

Read the features in detail here.



The first version of Base64 Decoder was written to stop uploading files (with possible) confidential data to websites or cloud-services. Base64 Decoder runs entirely on the desktop and was build using the latest technology (Visual Studio C#) so it can fully use the 64 bit .net platform to handle large files.


The program Base64 Decoder is designed as a very easy to use program, but packed with features:
  • Convert files up to 2GB (2.147.483.646 bytes), if the computer has enough memory.
  • Many other programs can convert Base64 coded data from input to output boxes, uniquely Base64 Decoder can save the file for further inspection.
  • The unique extension guessing feature tries to automatically supply a file extension for the export file, so the appropriate program can open the decoded file. Currently supporting:
    aifAudio Interchange File
    aviWindows Audio Video
    bmpWindows (or device-independent) bitmap image
    exeWindows/DOS executable file
    faxFacsimile Image
    flacFree Lossless Audio Codec
    gifGraphics Interchange Format
    jpgJoint Photographic Experts Group
    mp3Audio Layer 3 (MP3) audio
    oggOgg Vorbis Codec compressed Multimedia file
    otfOpenType Font
    pdfAdobe Portable Document Format
    pngPortable Network Graphics file
    psdPhotoshop image file
    rarCompressed archive file
    tifTagged Image File Format
    ttfTrueType font file
    wavAudio for Windows
    wmvWindows Media Audio/Video File
    yuvYUV Image
    zipPKZIP archive file (Also used for the OpenDocument (odt, odp, ott) or Office Open XML (docx, pptx, xlsx) files
  • Output text box can be enlarged so the best overview of the decoded file is possible.
  • Default output file path can be configured with an easy folder selector window.
  • An easy accessible folder button opens the output folder.
  • No installer required.
  • Application settings are retained per user.
  • Options window to configure Base64 Decoder.
  • Base64 Decoder is very resource friendly while running and on disk.
  • Completely manageable for network administrators using the registry or GPO.
  • Version checker. Once a month the program checks for updates (Can be turned off by network administrators).
  • The screen location of Base64 Decoder is remembered.
  • Base64 Decoder is free.


The program Base64 Decoder is licensed according to the EULA in the download. Read the EULA carefully before using the program. A recent copy can be downloaded here


User Interface

The fully functioning program Base64 Decoder is designed to have a very easy user interface but simultaneously providing a lot of functionality. The Base64 Decoder consists of:
  • Main Menu: to select some options.
  • Input Box: Data to be converted can be pasted here using a right mouse click and select Paste or by pressing [Ctrl] + [V] or even [Shift] + [Insert].
  • Action Buttons: These buttons provide easy access to the main program functions: decode/encode and file save options.
  • Output Box: This text box shows the decoded or encoded data.
  • Status Bar: Shows the status information and progress bar while converting data. It also contains the window Sizing handle.
Base64 Decoder Main Window parts
Base64 Decoder Main Window parts.

Main Menu

The menu enables you to access the following Base64 Decoder options:
Main menu item Submenu Item Action
File Exit Ends the program.
Options Options ... Shows a window to configure the following:
Base64 Decoder Options window
Base64 Decoder Options window.

  • Output File Location: You can select the default location where the decoded files will be stored.
    • The default user temporary files folder.
    • Other file folder. Clicking the folder button, opens the folder selection window. With this window you can select or even create a new folder.
  • Display content warning: Unchecking this option will not show the content warning when opening the output folder. The warning is implemented to remind you that Base64 encoding, though mostly used for valid purposes, can also be used to hide information such as explicit, rated, hate or other shocking pictures, virus(scripts) or even programs.
    When you turn off the warning, you will be notified that you agree that cannot be held liable for any damages caused by opening binary files.
  • Guess File Type: Selecting this option enables the file type guessing feature. The program will analyse the decoded data and will suggest a file type and appends the file extension to the default file name. Thus Windows explorer can start the correct program or plugin to show you the contents of the file.
Help About ... Shows the version information of Base64 Decoder, the EULA and allows an update check
Base64 decoder About window with the EULA and update check button
Base64 decoder About window with the EULA and update check button
When an internet connection is available, it is possible to connect to the server and check if there is a new version of Base64 Decoder. If there is a new version, clicking the "Yes" button opens the default web browser to download the new version.
This message can also appear when the monthly upgrade check notices a new version.
If there is no internet connection available, Base64 Decoder will retry in a month.

Action Buttons

The Action Buttons of Base64 Decoder enable you to:
Action Button Action
Decode to Text Clicking this button will start the Base64 decoding of the text placed in the Input box and shows the converted text in the Output box. The Output box will contain the safe ASCII representation of the file. If the unique "File Type Guessing" is enabled, the process will try to suggest the file extension. This is shown in the File name box, thus enabling Windows to open and preview the contents of this file with the correct program or plug-in.
Encode Clicking this button encodes the input data using the Base64 coding and places the result in the Output box.
Base64 decoder simple encode and decode demo.
Base64 decoder simple encode and decode demo.
File name Here you can type and overrule the file name to be used when saving the file.
Decode and Save Clicking this button decodes the input data and saves it using the default file path and (suggested) file name. The file folder can be configured using the Options window.
Folder icon This button will open the default file path or folder where the binary output files are stored. Upon pressing the button, you will get the following warning:
Base64 decoder folder open warning
Base64 decoder folder open warning.
This warning can be suppressed in the Options window.
Clear All This button will wipe all text entry boxes and restores the default file name.


Download, unzip and copy the program Base64 Decoder anywhere you want on the disk.
Should you want the program to start automatically, just copy it to:
%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\

First Run

When the program Base64 Decoder starts for the first time it will configure default settings for the program. No configuration files need to be prepared.

How To

  • Registry location

    The program stores the user settings in this registry location at:
    The data can be updated by network administrators with registry files and/or Group Policy Objects(GPO)
  • Update check

    Default Base64 Decoder will check once a month for updates. Network administrators can block the automatic update check by setting the Registry Value "BlockUpdateCheck" to "True". The end user can request an update check using the About box.

System requirements

Any system running .net 4.0 is able to run Base64 Decoder
Windows VersionRuns .Net 4.0Tested
Windows XPNoNo
Windows VistaYesNo
Windows 7YesYes
Windows 8.1YesNo
Windows 10YesYes
Windows Server 2008 SP2YesNo
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1YesNo
Windows Server 2012YesNo
Windows Server 2012 R2YesNo

Support matrix will only support the latest version of free software.


Upon clicking the "Start download process" button, you get to another web page where you have to agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA) before you can download the program Base64 Decoder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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