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DateFormat by

Current version

DateFormat latest version is and a .Net 4.x release can also be downloaded.

Main feature overview

DateFormat is a program to generate dates in the format you want regardless of the current regional date format of the server or currently logged on user. The returned date can be used in Windows batches (.bat, .cmd), PowerShell (.ps1) or scheduled tasks. The program Dateformat can also perform several date calculations and lookups.
DateFormat version 3.11 is free.



The first version of DateFormat was written to support Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) batches migrated from the Unisys mainframes. DateFormat now runs on the command line, in batches, in PowerShell scripts and was build using the latest technology (Visual Studio C#).


The program DateFormat is very easy to use, but very flexible. Just provide a format string where yyyy stands for century and year, with yy you only get the short year notation without the century.
mm stands for month and dd stands for days. The date separator characters can be chosen out of "-", "." or "/"
Format Short Format Explanation Example
yyyy-mm-dd - Generates the current date in the international ISO Date notation standard (ISO 8601). This date format is ideal for batched based comparisons and sorting routines. 2024-05-30
dd-mm-yyyy dd-mm-yy A more human readable European date format. 30-05-2024
yyyymmdd yymmdd A condensed format for use in short filenames and or directories. 20240530
dd/mm/yyyy dd/mm/yy A more human readable format. 30/05/2024
yyyy/dd/mm yy/mm/dd A format that also can be used for creating dated directory structures. 2024/05/30
dd.mmm.yyyy dd.mmm.yy A format mostly used in German speaking regions. 20.Jan.2024


The program DateFormat is licensed according to the EULA in the download. Read the EULA carefully before using the program. A recent copy can be downloaded here


The program DateFormat has, next to several date formats, received several additional options during the last versions. These options give you the possibility to perform date calculations and lookups. The current options are and only one can be selected:
Option Explanation
/ADx Add x Days to current date
/SDx Subtract x Days from current date
/AMx Add x Months to current date
/SMx Subtract x Months from current date
/AYx Add x Years to current date
/SYx Subtract x Years from current date
/BM Begin of Month from current date
/EM End of Month from current date
/BQ Begin of Quarter from current date
/EQ End of Quarter from current date
The variable x must be an integer.
By typing DateFormat without any optional parameters, DateFormat will show its options and examples.


  1. The following Windows batch example creates every day a unique new log file and writes the current date in it.
    Rem Example for the program DateFormat 
    Rem (C)Copyright 2014-2024 by Johan van Soest
    Rem ***** Create a log file with current date in the name
    For /f %%i In ('DateFormat "YYYYMMDD"') Do (Set OutputDate=%%i)
    Echo %OutputDate%
    Set LogFile=%OutputDate%_Important_Log.Txt
    Echo Current date is %OutputDate% >> %LogFile%
  2. The next Windows batch example deletes a log file that is 14 days old.
    Rem Example for the program DateFormat 
    Rem (C)Copyright 2014-2024 by Johan van Soest
    Rem ***** Remove file that is 14 days old
    For /f %%i In ('DateFormat "YYYYMMDD" /SD14') Do (Set OutputDate=%%i)
    Echo %OutputDate%
    If Exist %OutputDate%_Important_Log.Txt Del %OutputDate%_Important_Log.Txt
  3. This Windows batch example uses DateFormat to create a directory/folder structure
    Rem Example for the program DateFormat 
    Rem (C)Copyright 2014-2024 by Johan van Soest
    For /f %%i In ('DateFormat "YYYY\\MM\\DD"') Do (Set OutputDate=%%i)
    md %OutputDate%
    Example output directory structure created
  4. This Windows PowerShell example uses DateFormat called with several options
    # ****************************************************
    # * This PowerShell demo shows some ways to call 
    # *   the program DateFormat from PowerShell (ISE)
    # * (C) Copyright 2014 - 2024 by Johan van Soest
    # ****************************************************
    $data = C:\batch\DateFormat.exe yyyymmdd
    Write-Host "Today is $data"
    $data = C:\batch\DateFormat.exe yyyymmdd /sd1 
    Write-Host "Yesterday it was $data"
    $data = C:\batch\DateFormat.exe yyyymmdd /eq 
    Write-Host "The last day of current quarter is $data"
    $data = C:\batch\DateFormat.exe yymmdd /bq 
    Write-Host "The first day of current quarter is $data"

Previous Releases

The following table shows you the history of the DateFormat project.
Version Features
3.11 Added support for Begin of Month, End of Month Options (/BM, /EM) and Begin Quarter and End Quarter (/QB /QE)
Programmed in Microsoft C# .Net.
A for .Net 4.x or newer compiled version is available and can be recognised using the help text:
*                       DateFormat Version 3.11 (for .net 4)                  *
*            (C)Copyright 2013 - 2024 by J. van Soest             *
3.1 Added support for more subtraction and addition options to current system date:
  • /ADx        Add x Days
  • /AMx        Add x Months
  • /SMx        Subtract x Months
  • /AYx        Add x Years
  • /SYx        Subtract x Years
Programmed in Microsoft C# .Net
3.0 Program ported to Microsoft C# .Net for:
  • improved compatibility with 64 bit operating systems, so there is no need to start a WOW64 environment for running 32 bit applications
  • the Borland Turbo Delphi developer suite is cancelled by Embarcadero
TimeFormat is never used so no port to Microsoft C#.Net has been made.
2.0 The program DateFormat is accompanied by TimeFormat.
Programmed in Borland Turbo Delphi.
1.1 Added support for subtraction of a number of days from the current date. By providing the /SD14 option the program DateFormat will subtract 14 days from the current date and generates a valid date that is two weeks in the past
Programmed in Borland Turbo Delphi.
1.0 The great program DateFormat can now accept a format option. So it is now possible to provide format strings such as "YYYY-MM-DD" or "DD/MM/YYYY" and the date is formatted accordingly.
Programmed in Borland Turbo Delphi.
0.1 The program DateFormat generates the current date in the international ISO-standard (ISO 8601) format "YYYY-MM-DD". This date can be used in batches or scheduled tasks.
The generated date is independent of the current localization (Regional settings) of the system. So if your current date format is mm/dd/yy, this program will always generate a date according to the international ISO 8601 standard.
Programmed in Borland Delphi.


Download, unzip and copy the program DateFormat anywhere you want on the disk.

System requirements

DateFormat is designed for the .NET platform with Microsoft C#. Therefore Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or 4.0 or newer is required.
Windows VersionRuns .Net 2.0Tested
Windows XPYesYes
Windows VistaYesNo
Windows 7YesYes
Windows 8.1YesNo
Windows 10YesYes
Windows Server 2008 SP2YesYes
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1YesYes
Windows Server 2012YesYes
Windows Server 2012 R2YesYes
Windows Server 2016YesYes
Now a .Net 4.x version is available for machines that default do not include .Net 2.0 (Windows server 2012, 2012 r2 and 2016). It is also available from the download page.

Support matrix will only support the latest version of free software.


Upon clicking the "Start download process" button, you get to another web page where you have to agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA) before you can download the program DateFormat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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